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The Beginners Yoga Club opens its doors on June 1!

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About the Club

Gentle but powerful Yoga and relaxation classes, delivered live online and available on demand throughout each month.

With high quality teaching from a passionate, skilled and dedicated Yoga teacher, Beginners Yoga Club offers a fantastic introduction to Yoga at home with full support and guidance.

Esther’s classes are friendly, unpressured and inviting. We are taught different aspects of the yoga practice, building on elements learned previously and incorporating new ones each week. I feel welcome and really look forward to the class. My body appreciates the new stretching and strengthening and, even though I might feel stiff the next day I am confident that I’m not causing strain or injury. Esther is a great teacher, caring and considerate towards us, gently encouraging us to try but never pushing us to do any movements that might be unsafe.


A Yoga Studio in your space and your time!

With a weekly Yoga class delivered online, and a monthly Pranayama and relaxation class, Beginners Yoga Club offers you a powerful path to making Yoga a part of your daily life even if you are unable to attend in person classes. There will also be a private online community where we can share experiences and learn from one another.

Membership of the club offers phenomenal value

I want you to know that Beginners Yoga Club is right for you before you commit to a £19.99 a month subscription.

When you join Beginners Yoga Club you can get your first month for just £10! That is a whole month of online classes for less than the price of one class in many cities! After this month, the price is £19.99 a month, which still represents incredible value for Yoga classes on your schedule and support from the class teacher online. You can try it now, and get access to 4 classes, a pranayama session, the social learning and connection space and access to me all for just £10.

What are you waiting for?

Esther was very welcoming and helpful. I was allowed to take the class at my own pace, I felt strangely energised and relaxed (if that’s even possible) after the class. Highly recommended

Huw Jones

Judo master, EGH Judo

Monthly classes

What you get in your club membership

Weekly Hatha Yoga

This 90 minute session will release tension in your mind and body, increase your flexibility, help you to relax and rest better, and soothe and calm your mind. Session will be run weekly, and will be available in the class library for you to access at your convenience.

Pranayama and relaxation

These monthly sessions will teach you to deepen and improve your breath, helping you to harness the power of your breath to soothe body and mind. Improving the breath has been shown to improve sleep, reduce stress, lower blood pressure and much more. These sessions will leave you feeling deeply relaxed and grounded, with greater focus and energy.

Community support

One of the fundamentals of Yoga is its ability to foster deeper connection. In Beginners Yoga Club you will have a private online space where you can get to know your club mates and your teacher, learn from one another, ask questions, get answers,share experiences and have fun between classes. In this club, we can all grow together and support one another as we learn.

I feel I was being drawn somehow to starting your yoga class at a time in my life when I needed it most!  I felt completely relaxed and ‘at home’ in your class and so glad I made the effort to start yoga. And I cant wait for the next class as I feel it helps me physically, emotionally and even spiritually!


Why Choose Beginners Yoga Club?

For the convenience of classes at home with the social benefits of attending a regular class

There are lots of online yoga programmes out there, but how many of them offer the opportunity for daily interaction with the teacher,  and the opportunity to meet and develop relationships with, your fellow students?

At Beginners Yoga Club, we know that a vital part of the Yoga experience comes from the learning and sharing of your experiences with your classmates. The social space is as important an aspect of the club as the convenience of the online classes, and you will get the chance to deepen your experiences of Yoga when you can share with others in the community.

The weekly live classes give you the chance to experience Yoga as you would learn in an offline class, with the convenience of knowing that if you miss it, you can watch it again in your own time. Perfect for if you work changing shift patterns, if you have children or other caring responsibililties, or if you just want the freedom to practice in your own time.

The Many Benefits of Yoga

Improved flexibility

Yoga helps to release tension and stiffness in the joints and muscles, enabling better flexibility. This is vital for physical wellbeing, especially important as we age, and to prevent injuries. Increased flexibility in the body also leads to increased mental flexibility.

Strength Building

Yoga helps to build physical strength in a gentle way, toning and strengthening the muscles as you release tension from them. Stronger muscles are more efficient and resilient. Yoga also promotes mental strength and resilience.

Stress Relief

Yoga is a powerful tool for stress management and relief, leading to better coping strategies, increased resilience and increased peace of mind. Almost all the practices I will teach will help you to manage, reduce or even eliminate unnecessary stress from your life.

Relax & Refresh

Yoga teaches you to relax body and mind effectively, helping you to unwind in a healthy way, to sleep better and to create clarity in your mind.

Increased connection

Yoga helps you to connect better to your self, to your mind, body and soul. It will increase your awareness of your body, and help you take better care of what your body really needs. You can improve how you interact with the world, and help you understand yourself and others better.

Mind & Soul

Yoga is not just about performing postures, and getting a fit body. Yoga takes care of the whole of you. Your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional wellbeing are equally important, and Yoga takes care of all aspects of you.

Being new to yoga but having wanted to try for a long time, I was apprehensive about joining a class. I had the impression that I would be joining a class of incredibly bendy people and be out of my depth! How wrong I was. I decided to join Esther’s class and I’m so glad I did.

I felt very welcome, comfortable and at ease at my first class. Esther does not teach a fast paced yoga exercise class, you are not expected to be stretchy and know every pose, this comes with practice. Esther guides you through at your own pace, adapting if necessary. I have found the classes invaluable in my everyday life as emphasis on your breath and being in the moment, are such powerful tools to have in life, it has helped me immensely. After class I truly feel ‘lifted, calmer and much more settled.

There is so much more to Esther than yoga! She truly is a very inspiring lady whom I class myself privileged to have in my life. The difference yoga and Esther’s support and advice has made on my life has been invaluable. I can’t recommend her enough!


Expert Teacher

Meet Esther

Esther Nagle

Esther Nagle

Yoga Teacher

Esther has been practising Yoga since 2008, and trained to teach traditional Rishiculture Ashtanga Yoga (Hatha Yoga) in 2014. Esther is passionate about the power of Yoga to balance and heal mind, body and soul. It has been a great source of healing in her own life, helping her find a way from addiction to alcohol and cigarettes, and years of self loathing, as well as better health and vitality than she has known before. She wrote a book, Bent Back into Shape, Beating Addiction Through Yoga, to share how Yoga helped her so much

Esther loves to share the gifts of yoga with the world, and is excited to welcome you to the Beginners Yoga Club.


What People Are Saying

I have attended a number of Esthers’ yoga classes, never having done Yoga before, and have found them calming, relaxing and thoroughly enjoyable, everything I was looking for.  She is an inspirational teacher, puts you totally at ease and is very approachable.  I will definitely carry on going as I feel I will benefit physically and emotionally, can’t wait for next week.


would highly recommend Esther’s yoga class. The atmosphere in the class is really friendly and welcoming. Esther’s approach is very professional and supportive; she ensures that all members of the group are supported throughout the session and constantly checks that we are doing the postures correctly. I am so glad that this class is running close to where I live – it’s the type of class I have been looking for for some time.


Esther is really knowledgeable and clearly explains what we are doing and why we are doing it.  She makes everyone feel welcome and at ease.  The class suits people of all abilities and yoga experience and no pressure is placed on having to do anything that you find difficult or uncomfortable.  I would definitely recommend it!


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