Flexibility is seen by many as a pre-requisite to practising Yoga. This is a damaging and worrying misconception. yoga will increase the flexibility in your body, reducing stress and tension in your muscles and your mind, but you don’t need to be flexible before you start. Indeed, the complicated, acrobatic posture you see on Instagram are not the purpose of Yoga at all, the purpose of Yoga is what you learn about yourself in the postures.

That said, physical flexibility is important for physical and mental health. As we age, we lose that flexibility, and this can lead to pain, loss of mobility, increased risk of injury and more. These simple practices, known as Jattis, can reduce tension and stiffness in the body and improve physical flexibility and wellbeing in a very short space of time.

These movements might not seem like much, but they are powerful. In one session, you will feel looser and more relaxed in body and mind. I have delivered taster sessions to people where this has been all we have done, and the impact has been amazing to see – the reduction in stress is visible on their faces.

Try the movements in this video now, and every day, and let me know what difference and benefits you see from the practice. You might be pleasantly surprised at how quickly you see progress.

And remember, progress is how far you move from where you are, not reaching anyone else’s level!

Practice Makes Progress

If you were to make this a daily practice, you will see a marked difference in your flexibility and tension is a surprisingly short space of time.

Why not put that to the test? Join me on the 30 Day ‘Practice Makes Progress’ challenge and see what a difference a 15 minute daily practice can make to your life!

You don't have to be flexible and bendy in the body to start practising yoga, but this powerful simple practice will help to increase flexibility and health