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Why learn yoga?

Yoga is a wonderful way to wellbeing, personal growth and inner peace.

The regular practice of yoga asanas (postures) can help improve your muscle strength and tone, as well as improving your flexibility and ease of movement.

The breathwork and relaxation techniques you will learn can also help to reduce chronic pain, and help you to manage stress and improve mental well being.

Your yoga teacher

Hi, I’m Esther Nagle, and I cannot wait to teach you Yoga in the Beginners Yoga Club.

I have been practising Yoga regularly since 2008, and have been teaching since 2014. I love Yoga, and the way it can have such a positive impact on physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing – it really isn’t just about getting a flexible body! Yoga has helped me to find wellbeing and peace in huge ways, including recovery from addiction, and discovering I actually like myself (that was a pleasant surprise!)

Find out more about my life, and the impact Yoga has had on my wellbeing…..

Classes when convenient for you

One of the most common complaints I hear when I tell people I teach Yoga is that they cannot get to the classes because of work, childcare or other time commitments. Time is in such short supply!

Beginners Yoga Club has been set up to address this problem. Classes will be delivered live at a time that suits the majority of members (to be decided at the start of the club) and will be available for on demand access after the class. This means you will be able to take the class when it suits you.

Yoga for all

Whether you are eight or eighty, you can benefit from regular yoga practice. Beginners Yoga Club is open to all, regardless of age or gender. I can offer guidance for you on how to adapt the postures to suit particular conditions, please let me know when you join and I can help you to get the most from your membership.

Testimonials from students

I have thoroughly enjoyed the yoga classes so far.  They make me feel very relaxed after a long day at work!  Esther is really knowledgeable and clearly explains what we are doing and why we are doing it.  She makes everyone feel welcome and at ease.  The class suits people of all abilities and yoga experience and no pressure is placed on having to do anything that you find difficult or uncomfortable.  I would definitely recommend these classes!

Lindsey Davies

I feel I was being drawn somehow to starting Esther’s yoga class at a time in my life when I needed it most!  I felt completely relaxed and ‘at home’ in the class and so glad I made the effort to start yoga. And I cant wait for the next class as I feel it helps me physically, emotionally and even spiritually!

Jean Assert

Esther is a consummate professional…Everyone is made to feel welcome and attention paid to each person with their individual needs to the fore. Entertaining and rewarding sessions.

Rob Jones
World of Words

Esther was very welcoming and helpful. I was allowed to take the class at my own pace, I felt strangely energised and relaxed (if that’s even possible) after the class. Highly recommended

Huw Jones

Judo master, EGH Judo